David Morrissey to join The Walking Dead

The Walking DeadBritish actor David Morrissey is to join AMC drama The Walking Dead.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Morrissey will join the cast for the third season of the post-apocalyptic zombie drama which stars fellow Brit actor Andrew Lincoln. Morrissey will play The Governor in the third season – the character is one of the more famous villains from the comic series. The third season of The Walking Dead will begin production this Spring and will comprise of 16 episodes – the second series is still airing on AMC and attracting stellar ratings.

David Morrissey is known for a wide variety of roles on television, film and stage and amongst his credits are appearances in Poirot, South Riding, Doctor Who, Five Days, Red Riding, Cape Wrath (aired as Meadowlands in America), Blackpool and State of Play.