Martin Landau joins ABC sci-fi pilot

Martin LandauMartin Landau has joined the cast of ABC‘s new sci-fi pilot from Independence Day writer & director Ronald Emmerich.

Veteran television actor Martin Landau has been cast in the new pilot which revolves around a student called Carter (Max Thieriot) who discovers he has been chosen to destroy the forces of evil. Deadline reports that Landau will play a blind German ex-solider in the pilot.

Martin Landau will already be familiar to science fiction audiences for his role of Commander John Koenig in the 1970s ITC/ATV television series Space 1999. Landau starred opposite his then wife Barbara Bain in the series re-creating their partnership from the Mission Impossible television series. Landau appeared in both seasons of Space 1999 but was unhappy with the change of direction the second series took – axing cast members and becoming more action orientated.

It was recently announced that a remake of Space 1999, renamed Space 2099, was in development.