Primeval spin-off to air on Watch

PrimevalCanadian based Primeval spin-off the New World will air on digital channel Watch in the UK.

Last year it was revealed that spin-off from the ITV series was in development but crucially set in North America and not the UK. There had already been suggestions of an American remake of Primeval but instead the new series, titled the New World, will be a spin-off from the UK version rather than an outright remake.

The new spin-off will be ‘older, darker and scarier’ than the ITV series which is more family orientated but will keep the basic premise of various nasties from the past and the future coming through portals in time. The 13 part series has been filmed in Vancouver and in Canada will air on the Space channel. In the UK it will air on digital channel Watch which previously was involved in a co-production deal regarding for the fourth and fifth seasons of the UK version.

Primeval co-creator Tim Haines has teased that the first episode of the New World will feature a bit of crossover with the UK version but mostly ‘they’ll be getting on with it themselves’.

As for the future of the UK series that still remains unclear.