Steven Moffat prefers new monsters on Doctor Who

Steven MoffatSteven Moffat has revealed he prefers to introduce new monsters to Doctor Who rather than bringing back old foes.

The show-runner of Doctor Who revealed he preferred creating new monsters for the Doctor (Matt Smith) to battle rather than bringing back foes from the past. Moffat told French news-sites Le Village and ‘I always say new monsters are better in Doctor Who because you fall in love with monsters when they’re new. One of the temptations, particularly if it’s a success is to keep repeating your hits, which means you hear it again and again and again.’

Moffat has created several iconic new monsters for Doctor Who and not just during his current tenure as show-runner. When he wrote episodes under Russell T. Davies he created foes such as the Clockwork Robots from The Girl in the Fireplace, the Weeping Angels in Blink (which he brought back when he took over as show-runner) and the Vashta Nerada in Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead. Moffat’s most notable new creation since taking over as show-runner is The Silence – aliens partially inspired by Edvard Munch’s Scream painting – who were the recurring foes of the sixth season.

While Moffat has stated he prefers creating new monsters he has, never-the-less, brought back a few old monsters during his time as show-runner so far. The Daleks, the Silurians and the Cybermen have all returned for full length episodes while the Sontarans briefly appeared in The Pandorica Opens. The seventh season of Doctor Who, currently in production, will feature two monsters from the past with rumours that producers are planning on bringing back the Yeti and the Zygons.

Do you prefer new monsters or Doctor Who or old favourites brought back to do battle with the Time Lord once more? Or maybe a mixture of both? Post your comments below.