Netflix to save Terra Nova?

Terra NovaNetflix is reportedly in talks to pick up Fox’s cancelled dino-drama Terra Nova.

Earlier this week Fox confirmed it was axing Terra Nova after just one season – the series starred Jason O’Mara and Shelley Conn. Fans of the series were hopeful of a second season renewal because of the disappointing performance of several other new shows on Fox. However, ultimately Fox cancelled the series which reportedly cost $4 million per episode.

After the axe the studio behind Terra Nova, 20th Century Fox TV, announced it would try and find a new home for the series. Well Entertainment Weekly report that preliminary talks have begun with Netflix about saving the sci-fi series. The talks are still in the early stages and may amount to nothing but it does give fans hope.

Another possible broadcaster – suggested by the fans at least – is Syfy but Terra Nova’s hefty budget may make that very unlikely.