Ringer actor Ioan Gruffudd unsure of show’s future

RingerWelsh actor Ioan Gruffudd had admitted he is unsure of the future of CW drama series Ringer.

The drama stars Sarah Michelle Gellar in her first major leading television role since the demise of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Ringer had a fairly impressive debut on The CW but since then its ratings have been up and down like a yoyo; more recently ratings have been so bad some had tipped the series for the axe.

Ioan Gruffudd has admitted he is unsure of the future of Ringer but is hopeful it will return for a second series. In an interview with TVLine he revealed the season finale would leave questions unanswered ‘We’ve deliberately set it up in such a way that there will be more questions than answers at the end of the show. We don’t want to tie it up in a ribbon and present it to everybody – we need somewhere to go next year’

On the prospect of renewal Gruffudd told TV Line ‘I think everybody’s vying for that attention from the network,” he said. “We’re very aware of the numbers and that it’s a numbers game.  Creatively, we think we have a very strong chance, but as far as numbers, they might reflect a different story’

The only CW series that experts are predicting will be renewed is The Vampire Diaries while the rest of the broadcaster’s drama offerings are said to be ‘on the bubble’. However, Nikita and Hart of Dixie are seen as more likely contenders for cancellation as is Gossip Girl though there are some who predict it will be renewed for a final series.