Netflix won't save Terra Nova

Terra NovaAxed Fox series Terra Nova will not be picked up by Netflix.

Fox announced earlier this this month that it was cancelling Terra Nova after just one series. The cancellation was probably more due to its hefty price tag – a reported $4 million per episode – than its ratings which were decidedly average but not disastrously low.

Terra Nova starred Jason O’Mara and Shelley Conn and revolved around a colony of human’s from the future travelling back to the past – to the time of the dinosaurs. Before Fox announced its decision to cancel Terra Nova fans started a campaign to save it by sending in plastic dinosaurs. Soon after the cancellation was revealed talks with Netflix began about the series moving there but now it has emerged those talks are over.

Fans will be hopeful that producers can find another outlet for Terra Nova but its hefty price tag will probably put most of the likely contenders – such as Syfy – off.