Elstree Studios to host Elstree Empire Day

The iconic British film studios in Borehamwood will on Saturday May 5th, for one day only, see Star Wars returns to Elstree Studios for Elstree Empire Day. Gary Kurtz, producer of the first two Star Wars films, is reuniting members of the original cast and crew for a celebration of the saga’s history at the famous UK studio. Anyone who worked on the Star Wars films at Elstree is invited to attend and should get in touch with Jason Joiner (0797 379 1339) or Graham Miles (0773 983 2229) or by e-mail via the website.

Highlights of the day’s schedule will include, a talk by Gary Kurtz on ‘A Day in the life of a Star Wars Producer’,  displays of original film props, some never before seen in public. There will also be displays of Art Department items such as artwork, models, blue-prints and such as well as a display of rare photographs showing the work that took place at the studios. There will also be a chance for  autographs and talks by the guests.

The event is being run to aid the continuing preservation and restoration of artefacts in The Kurtz/Joiner Archive.  The Archive was set up by Gary Kurtz and Star Wars historian Jason Joiner to preserve the many items relating to Gary’s career that he had collected over the years, including a vast personal photographic library detailing all aspects of the Star Wars productions alongside props, documentation and other items.

Guests scheduled to attend the event so far include Gary Kurtz, Producer of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, Norman Reynolds, Art Director on Star Wars and Production Designer on The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Ronnie Taylor, Camera Operator on Star Wars, Ron Punter, specialist painter at Elstree whose first job in the industry was painting  Darth Vader’s helmet and armour, Dave Prowse, who played Darth Vader in the Star Wars Trilogy, Kenny Baker, who played R2 D2 in all 6 Star Wars films and Colin Skeaping, Mark Hamill’s stunt double who played multiple roles throughout the films.

Event organisers also promise many more members of the cast and crew yet to be announced too.
Information is available at http://www.kurtzjoinerarchive.com/ Doors open at 9am on Saturday May 5th at the Esltree Studios.