Leonard Nimoy to appear in Star Trek sequel?

Leonard Nimoy is reportedly in talks to appear in J.J Abrams forthcoming Star Trek sequel.

The actor reprised his role of Spock for the 2009 film reboot of Star Trek which concentrated on the early years of the Enterprise crew – featuring the characters from the original television series. Nimoy played an Older Spock who travelled back in time to prevent his home-world of Vulcan but er failed. Spock remained behind in the 23rd century to establish a new colony of Vulcans.

However, it was believed the J.J Abrams forthcoming sequel would not feature any more cameos from Nimoy or other original series actors. Recently George Takei, who played Sulu in the original series and subsequent films, stated he didn’t believe the forthcoming film – or further films – would feature appearances from the original cast.

But that may not be the case because Nimoy himself has revealed he is in talks about appearing in Star Trek 2. The actor was speaking to CNN this weekend, about something entirely different, but inevitably Nimoy was asked about the new film and if he was appearing in it. The actor replied ‘We’re talking, we’re talking’.

Filming on the sequel is believed to be nearing completion.

Written by Dominic Knight

(via Blastr)