Dynasty Season 8 To Be Released On DVD

The eighth season of Denver based drama Dynasty, starring Linda Evans and John Forsythe, will be release on DVD later this year in the UK.

The iconic soap, revolving around warring Oil companies, dominated television viewing in the 1980s as did its rival Dallas which will return to television screens next month for its much anticipated resurrection. While Dallas was usually more grounded with its plots (bar that dream season) Dynasty was well known for its succession of melodramatic plots usually revolving around betrayals, affairs and revenge.

The seventh season of Dynasty was released on DVD in the UK in January and in Europe late last year. It has now been confirmed that the 8th season will be released on DVD in the UK on July 30th and in Sweden on August 1st.

The 8th season opens with a two-part story as the Carrington’s and Colby’s find themselves held hostage by Matthew Blaisdale (Bo Hopkins) who was presumed to have died in the South American jungle several years before. Matthew’s return to Denver was motivated by revenge; Blake Carrington (John Forsythe) who tried to ruin him financially while Steven Carrington (Al Corley/Jack Coleman) had an affair with Matthew’s wife Claudia (Pamela Bellwood). The 8th season also saw Alexis Colby (Joan Collins) marry once more but it soon turned out her latest husband had one thing on his mind; revenge.

Dynasty was already in decline by the time the 8th season originally aired in the late 1980s with its spin-off The Colby’s having been cancelled just months before the season premier with cast members John James and Emma Samms rejoining the parent series during the 8th season – Samm’s character of Fallon Carrington-Colby had memorably been abducted by a UFO in the final episode of The Colby’s.

Dynasty Season 8: Released on DVD in the UK on 30th July (subject to change) and Sweden on 1st August.

[Written by Rosemary Bright]

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