ITV's Lewis To End Soon?

Is the end nigh for ITV Inspector Morse spin-off Lewis starring Kevin Whately? It’s creator Colin Dexter seems to think so.

The Inspector Morse spin-off first aired on ITV1 in 2006 with a successful pilot seen by 11.3 million viewers; the first full series aired a year later on the broadcaster. Lewis stars Kevin Whately as DI Robbie Lewis, reprising his role from Inspector Morse, with Laurence Fox as DS James Hathaway.

In a new interview with the Radio Times Colin Dexter, who penned the Inspector Morse spin-off, hints that Lewis‘ shelf life may be running out. Dexter told the magazine ‘I don’t think he (Lewis) can go on much longer. They’ll probably do one more series. The first two were ridiculously complex’

Lewis is still a popular part of ITV’s schedules with millions of viewers tuning in. However, ITV recently ordered Endeavour, the Inspector Morse prequel, to series following a pilot at the start of the year seen by more than 8 million viewers. Endeavour starred Shaun Evans as a young Inspector Morse so its possible Lewis will make way for the new detective drama.

One comment

  • I would be so sorry to see Lewis go, all through the Morse series I liked him way better than Morse, and adore young Hathaway. It is so nice to see something convoluted and involved instead of all the boring reality based trash we get nowadays.