Private Practice Falls To Season Low

ABC drama Private Practice fell to a new season on Tuesday evening as a question mark hangs over its future.

8pm: As ever CBS‘s NCIS dominated the hour with 17.8 million viewers overall and a 3.0 18-49 rating. The latest episode of Glee, Prom-asaurus, pulled in 6.4 million viewers to Fox with a 2.6 18-49 rating. ABC’s Last Man Standing was seen by 6.6 million viewers with a 1.7 rating followed by Cougar Town which had 4.7 million viewers with a 1.5 18-49 rating. There have been reports in recent days that TBS have shown an interest in the Courtney Cox drama should ABC cancel it. Fashion Star on NBC attracted 4.4 million viewers with a 1.3 rating while 90210 on The CW had 1.3 million viewers with a 0.6 rating.

At 9pm The Voice results show brought 11.5 million viewers to NBC with an impressive 4.3 18-49 rating which meant the talent show won the hour. It was NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS though which had more total viewers with 14.4 million viewers but had a 3.0 18-49 rating. ABC’s Dancing with the Stars also had more viewers; 13.3 million but had a 2.3 rating. New Girl on Fox had 5.5 million viewers with a 2.8 rating followed by a repeat of the comedy which mustered 3.4 million viewers with a 1.6 rating. Canadian drama The LA Complex continued to under-whelm on The CW with 678,000 viewers and a 0.3 rating.

At 10pm Shonda Rhimes drama Private Practice dropped to a new season low of 6 million viewers with a 1.5 rating coming at a time when its future is in doubt.