EyeSpy: Nick Clegg Records Out4Marriage Video Message


  1. We probably all now accept peoples feelings about each other and the right to seal that loving commitment whatever their sexually attraction. God made us what we are. The current law on marriage and the 2004 Civil Partnership Act does just that to accommodate all concerned. There is nothing ” strident ” in accepting and defending the status quo. The difference is one of vision for our society. While Mr.Cleggs party sees purely a political vision , liberalising a cherished and well- tested institution by breaking fundamental links with the past, his opponents religious or secular have a broader vision including the pat present and furure. Preserve at all costs that which is good – traditional marriage, the traditional family on which our society is based , democracy and personal freedom. Though hard to quantify, these cherished beliefs are serving us well and will continue to bear fruit for the nation in the future because they are built on sound universal belies.. It is surely blatant hubris in our time to believe that the short term gain of political change for a small minority wanting change will benefit themselves or society in the long run.

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