Peter Reckell Announces Days Of Our Lives Exit


  1. DOOL will probably lose this viewer…have watched show since high school….a big fan of Bo & Hope. We’ve gotten older together….lol. Don’t like the mixed-up young folks on show now. At one time, it had a good story line with all generations being included.

  2. So sad. I’ve watched DOOL since their beginnings in the 60s. I agree, they are moving towards all young 20’s story lines. I had hoped when they brough Marlena and John back that things were getting back where they belong. But losing Bo is a crime. I’ll most likely stop watching now.

  3. I guess they need a new younger crowd to watch DOOLs! I have been a fan since the beginning and the storylines are getting stupid!. Maybe they need to change the writers again.

  4. I have been watching this show since I was 4!!! I’m 40 now
    I think Bo and Hope are days of our lives!!! I am very sad
    That new writers don’t see that the show will lose so many
    Viewers and ratings will go way down!!! Everyone I’ve talked
    To said they’ll stop watching !! It has been a part of my daily
    Routines for years.. So STOP… Ur ruining it!!:(

  5. I started watching DOOL in 1975 and haven’t missed an episode since 1981; I’m really sad about Bo leaving; but hoping he will get the chance to do other things as he is an exceptional actor. I agree with others about the show’s characters; I don’t mind young, but these characters (with a few exceptions Chandler) are shallow; not the actors fault obviously. I am starting to think for the first time since 1975 that I will soon not have a reason to watch anymore.
    Sad, indeed.

  6. My suggestion is fire all the writers and bring back all the fired actors. It is apparent all the writers have taken this once fine soap into a land where nothing makes sense unless of course you’re warped and creepy. The “universe” has replaced God, there is no one left to love on the show due to asinine storylines, we have been forced into a stupid storyline with now gay Will which isn’t relevant to anything, characters are written into corners with no way out without being stupid and insipid. Even the most ignorant viewer can figure out this isn’t good writing. The older actors who are the backbone of the show have been relegated to wallpaper status while younger actors who cannot act are given what the writer’s assume are good stories. There is no longer any intrigue, no anticipation of what characters will do, no one who truly cares about anyone anymore unless they are going to get something in return. No interest in turning out quality material for viewers to savor. I can honestly see why the actors who haven’t been axed by these inept writers are leaving the show. I’ve watched almost every day since 1973 and I think I’ll be saying goodbye to Salem in the near future. The Cordays wouldn’t believe what has been done to their show.

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