Make or break for ITV’s Daybreak


  1. I was in total shock when I tuned in last Monday,I thought
    I was on the BBC, or perhaps Stelios had taken over
    The two new presenters are dull and boring, and sorry to say,
    but not great to look at. At six o’clock in the morning i’ts nice to
    have someone attractive beaming out from your television screen
    Dan Lobb fis that role, but also the orange, what’s that all about?
    personally I hate the new layout, Lorraine I love, But in her own slot.
    So I will be tuning out, Not to the Beeb as it is just as boring, perhaps
    to Sky or elsewhere.I just feel dissapointed as I have stuck with GMTV
    and Daybreak for all these years, Now I find myself at a loss in the mornings.
    Dissapointed and let down Edna.

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