Fans call for CITV ‘Old Skool’ Channel


  1. I would like to see the old cartoons come back…. yeah, i’m 37, but you cant beat some of the old ones…. cant remember what channel each cartoon was though…. is there anywhere you have list of oldies? i remember centurions, M.A.S.K, he-man…. etc…. would be good to see cartoons again rather than stuff that passes as kids entertainment today….

  2. Thankyou and happy birthday CITV networks for a unforgettable weekend of childhood memories. Sooty Show, Mike & Angelo, Fun House and Supergran etc.. please please dont make us wait another 10-20 years to see these timeless programmes again. I’m all for the launch of CITV gold oldies channel or please give us some classic 80s-90s retro air time on the original channel. I’m 25, this was kids TV at its very very best:-)

  3. Oh man,what a top weekend of nostalgic kids tv which took me back to the days when i would arrive home from school,and watch CITV for 2 hours,im 41 now and loved every minute!
    We sooooo need a CITV Gold channel,or at least one day,every Saturday or Sunday to carry on viewing these classic kids programmes!
    Who remembers the other CITV classics such as Chocky, On Safari, Educating Marmalade,
    Emus World, Behind the Bike sheds, Moomins, Aubrey, Boomer, Dr Snuggles, The Gemini Factor etc? ,and what about showing complete series from the start like Knightmare, Press Gang, Woof!, Fun House, and Childrens Ward?
    I reckon ratings would be sky high,so what about it CITV?
    Happy 30th Birthday!

  4. I to would love to see a channel or a day where all the old citv stuff is on im 28 and remember running home from school to watch T.Bag would love to see these again i actually threw a sickie from work to watch these(lets hope the boss dont see this)

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