Did You enjoy ITV’s Splash or was it a nose dive for TV quality?


  1. Hated the show, but I’m probably not the target audience being a 50+ diving coach! But, it’s getting more people approaching clubs wanting to learn to dive than the Olympics did!
    If they could have more of the actual diving training and less of the celebs being, well, celebs it would be a lot better!
    They have also taken and ridiculed the costumes divers wear – it’s not for show, it so that you can actually perform the movements without restriction. So, make it a little more sober and show more of the hard work that the celebs have to do to even attempt a dive from a diving board.

  2. It doesn’t matter if its quality or not as long as it brings viewers to ITV that is all they care about, so Tom Daley walking around practically showing his cock will bring in viewers. Simple as.

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