Merlin Star Rules Out Spin-Off

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  1. i am dissapointed to see that bradley would decline a role in a spin off, i mean, playing prince arthur has made him the actor he is today. people are going to look at there television and see bradley and say “wow, its prince arthur” that is who he is known as now. but, he still walks out when merlin was at its best. i honestly dont think they should of just put down the idea of a 6th series. i know that everyone wanted a 6th series and the internet has been blowing up with posts saying they want a 6th series. even if there was a spin off to merlin it would not be the same because there would be no bromance. I think we deserve at least something for the terrible ending that shocked and disturbed a lot of people. i was so disturbed i walked back and down the hall way in my house for 6 hours. think about it, arthur dies and merlin never returns to camelot instead he waits for arthur to rise at that place for years and years knowing deep down that all his friends in camelot are dying of age 🙁 if someone could contact bradley and tell him about this, he cant just drop the roll now that he has got the ball rolling. you dont even need to have him as a main character just make him appear every now and again as a guest star. it deeply saddens me to know that this is the end for merlin and from what i’ve seen from the coverage of the actors, that they don’t care. there are 8 million people out there in one country alone that watched the show and i can promise that people were crying because there was never going to be another episode of merlin ever. please shine, bradley, collin and alll the important producers and characters, please dont just give up on merlin now 🙁 this is the saddest i have been in years. ill be looking out for infromation about a spin off series or something but it would be a miracle if they turned around and said “merlin doesnt deserve to end like this, we are going to make another season” please let a miracle happen <3

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