Busy year ahead for X Factor’s Christopher Maloney


  1. Brilliant that you highlight the fact that the credibility of some ‘reports’ are dubious when associated with Christopher Maloney, and in fact refute them. I’m am glad he appears to be growing stronger with each appearance and I am sure that once he has fully accepted his own talent he will soar! He appears to be a very genuine well grounded individual who will always be true to himself and his family. Totally admire him for his strength of character and for his singing talent! Amazing man and I wish him nothing but absolute success and long term happiness!

  2. I am so glad I trusted my intuition about Christopher Maloney. Very few contestants stood out during the XFactor and Christopher was one of them. I followed his journey and emphathized when “daggers” were thrown at him. All the while he stood proud and sang his heart out. He repeatedly mentions “I want to make people happy” and he does with humility and sincerity.
    I am only sorry that he had to go through all the heartache due to the bad press.
    Yet he is still here his support is growing and I for one will be happy to see him succeeding.
    Wishing you the very best Christopher! Believe in you and yes dreams come true as you have proved. You are an inspiration and delight!

  3. Hi Chris,
    Saw you on Loose Women today, looking good. You did brilliantly on X Factor. I voted for you every week. Well done.
    Love and regards
    Aged 57 and 62 days

  4. Well done Chris, hope to hear a lot more from you, be weary of the xfactor judges (their bullying and negative mob attitudes was totally shameful) that includes Gary Barlow, you’ll only see him if he thinks he can make money out of you, he’s only jealous, you’ve a far better voice than he ever did and ever will!
    Best of luck

  5. Let us know when you plan on doing a tour here in the States. I and six or seven hundred thousand of my closest friends on this side of the Pond are looking forward to such an announcement.

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