Syfy Close To Ordering New Ron Moore Series

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  1. You forgot how The Dresden Files ilmpoded. I think SGU is in the same situation, two camps of fans. One loved it and how it expanded on the Dresden theme, the second could not stand the marked differences between the show and the books. SGU is under the same stress. People that want the glory of SG1/SGA and others that want a more BSG (film in HD red camera and colortime the show into a blacker-than-black new black kind of show.) With a lot of conflict, lies, lots of guns and shooting, and fist fights between leaders. SGU is a lot like Dresden on how sudden it’s all going down. Syfy and the studios suffered under fan efforts to save’ their shows when announcements were made far in advance of cancellation. I think they’re tired of that business of receiving odd items in the mail. Two weeks ago, the actors all went back to their home cities with a marked Twitter silence on the matter of if they’d ever go back to the studio. Then, the SGU producers announced how they needed a five year arc to tell the story. That is another sign that Syfy was bailing. And not a moment’s chance to start a mail-in campaign. And this with MGM going bankrupt and the studio spending a nice chunk of change on the bridge set for the back half of season two Just as confusing as ever, Syfy. Way to go. (And, we need a new way to fund TV/download/streaming content so we get shows we want.) Reply

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