Final Ratings For Dallas Episode 2 on Channel 5

Dallas: The Ewing FamilyFinal ratings have been released for the second episode of Dallas on Channel 5 which once again reveal more viewers watched than overnight figures originally suggested.

The second episode, of the second season, of Dallas was the 7th most watched programme on Channel 5 that week. Final ratings figures released by BARB have revealed that Dallas nearly doubled its audiences through consolidated ratings meaning it performed significantly better than originally thought.

Overnight figures for episode two put ratings at 652,000 viewers but final ratings figures reveal the episode was actually seen by 1.22 million viewers and was the 7th most watched programme of the week. In terms of ratings for the premier episode there was a very slight drop.

Interestingly once again Dallas rated better than Channel 5’s Australian import Neighbours whose toped rated episode of the week had 1.10 million viewers and was the 12th most watched programme of the week.

So consolidated ratings reveal that Dallas is performing significantly better than overnight ratings would have us believe. Now if only Channel 5 could move Dallas back to its 9pm slot…

Dallas continues tonight at 11pm on Channel 5, find out more here >>

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  • Please move it back to 9pm. I love Dallas but seriously missing out on my sleep every Tuesday eve so having to watch it on demand now a day late which is just terrible 🙁