CBS Drama To Repeat Knots Landing

Knots-Landing-Van-Ark-and-SUK digital channel CBS Drama is to repeat the Dallas spin-off series Knots Landing.

CBS Drama has announced it has acquired the repeat rights to Knots Landing and will begin broadcasting the 1980s soap from April. Knots Landing was created by Dallas creator David Jacobs and launched in December 1979.

“After the amazing success of Dallas on CBS Drama, our viewers have demanded that we show Knots Landing next, bringing it back to UK television after 17 years. We are very enthusiastic about its launch. The series has many energetic storylines and incredible captivating cliff hanging episodes, which we’re sure will appeal to our ever growing, loyal audience.” – Chris Sharp, Chief Programming Officer

Knots Landing was set in a fictional suburb of Los Angeles and was created as a spin-off to Dallas. Actors Joan Van Ark and Ted Shackelford were the recurring characters of Gary and Valene Ewing on Dallas and in the first episode the couple moved to Knots Landing to give their marriage another go away from the Southfork Ranch and the schemes of Gary’s brother J.R.

As the drama was a spin-off from Dallas a number of characters crossed over from the parent series such as J.R Ewing (Larry Hagman), Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Valene and Gary’s daughter Lucy (Charlene Tilton).

However, Knots Landing quickly established its own identity with a regular cast which included Michele Lee, Don Murray, Kim Lankford and Constance McCashin. Knots Landing proved to be a hit with viewers much like Dallas and over the years the cast included the likes of Nicollette Sheridan, Alec Baldin, Marcia Cross, Brian Austin Green and Michael York.

Knots-LandingThe cul-de-sac drama ran from 1979 until 1993 and clocked up 344 episodes across 14 seasons. At one stage Knots Landing out-rated parent series Dallas which concluded in 1991. Following the finale of the drama the cast reunited in 1997 for a reunion movie. Actors Joan Van Ark and Ted Shackelford are reprising their roles of Gary and Valene in TNT’s revival of Dallas later this year sparking some rumours of a possible revival of Knots Landing.

CBS Drama’s repeat of the series comes after it repeat of Dallas in its entirety and the digital channel has also repeated the likes of Dynasty and its spin-off The Colby’s. Previously in the UK Knots Landing was repeated on UK Gold having originally been broadcast, in the 1980s, on BBC One. The series has been released on DVD but only the first two seasons are currently available.

Knots Landing will premier at 11pm on CBS Drama on Monday 1st April with repeats at 8am and 1pm the following day.

CBS Drama is available on Virgin Media channel 197 and Sky channel 149. It is also available on Freesat channel 134.


  • KNOTS LANDING what next FALCON CREST are the YANKS now obcessed at reviving defunct 80s soap operas as things have changed in 30 years and LORIMAR must be making a fortune out of this. STOP IT as DALLAS is failing and any plans to revive KNOTS LANDING would be a fatal mistake so bring back ATVs CEOSSROADS in its original form that would work better than knots landing.

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