Super Scroungers for Channel 5

Job Centre logoWhile the majority of people unemployed are seeking work and don’t view ‘the dole’ as a ‘lifestyle choice’ there are those who have made a ‘living’ out of being on benefit. A three part documentary series for Channel 5 looks at some of the biggest scroungers in the UK.

Ben Frow, Channel 5 Director of Programmes said “This is a topic at the top of the news agenda so it’s the perfect time for Channel 5 to delve into the subject.”

Over the three hours the broadcaster invites you to meet the Dole Kings and Queens who claim millions every year for housing and family support. Living lives of luxury that many of us can only dream of, these Super Scroungers are the poster families for everything that many people believe is wrong with benefits.

“Are these people to blame, dedicating their time to getting more and more out of the state? Or are they merely taking advantage of an inadequate system that needs a radical overhaul? In Super Scroungers we’ll meet the people who make it their business NOT to work.” – Channel 5

Last year it emerged that at least 100 families receiving housing benefit were living in luxury homes on hand-outs that could fund £1,000,000 mortgages. More than 30 of those families were being given £1,500 a week – more than three times the national average wage. Of the 100 families, 60 have their rent paid by the state to the value of £5,000 a month according to the Department for Work and Pensions.

“It’s sure to make those hard workers, and the  unemployed struggling to pay bills, rather annoyed. We appear to have a whole new class in society that has no respect for anyone or anything and believe the world owes them something. It’ll be fascinating to watch.” – TV Critic Queenie.

The issue was first covered in detail by Southern Television in their 1965 series of news reports ‘Better off without a Job‘.