Amazon Releases New Advert Featuring Same-Sex Couple

Amazon-logoOnline retailer Amazon has released a new television advert featuring a same-sex couple.

The online retailer has history of supporting gay equality and the latest example of this is an advert released by the company which features a same-sex advert. The advert is for Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite.

In 2012 Amazon was one of a number of companies who supported Referendum 74 in the state of Washington. The Referendum in the American state was on the introduction of same-sex marriage.

Amazon and other companies such as Google, Starbucks, Nike and Microsoft took out full page adverts in newspapers giving their backing to gay marriage.

The referendum was passed in Washington making it one of a handful of states in America to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry. Amazon’s founders Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos reportedly pledged over $2.5 million dollars to the fight for marriage equality.

Amazon is not the first company to feature a same-sex couple within an advert but even in the 21st century such things are still controversial amongst the religious conservative right especially in America.

Clothes retailer GAP has used adverts with same-sex couples and faced the wrath of lobby group One Million Moms for it. Popular Swedish furniture store Ikea has also featured same-sex couples in its advertising.

Media experts predict that more companies will use gay and lesbian couples within their advertisements as the general public continues to become more accepting of such couples. The legislation of same-sex marriage in various countries and several states within America will likely encourage more companies to use same-sex couples in print and television adverts.

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