Second DVD release for Revelations

revelationsThe late-night 1990s soap opera Revelations, created by Russell T Davies, is to get a second DVD release.

The first DVD release, by Network, was in 2011 and contained the first set of episodes of Revelations. The soap opera revolved around Catholic Bishop Edward Rattigan (Paul Shelley) and his family who life anything but a holy life. Revelations featured the usual soap mix of sex, lust, betrayal and seduction.

In the first batch of episodes Edward murdered his mistress Anne Fraser (Margo Gunn) which was covered up by wife Jessica (Judy Loe). Edward’s son Gabriel (Stephen Mapes) married Rachael (Lucy Robinson) a woman who his mother was less than impressed with. However, that was the least of Rachel’s problems because she later discovered Gabriel was in fact gay and had a previous relationship with best friend Thomas (Grant Thatcher) who was now dating the Rattigan’s youngest, and spoilt, daughter Charlie (Emma Roberts).

The second volume of Revelation episodes will see the story of the dysfunctional Rattigan family continue. As Edward’s guilt over the murder of Anne grows he risks confessing all something that Jessica can not allow. Meanwhile Rachel begins to realise her marriage to Gabriel is doomed but divorce is just not on the cards for her un-approving and dominating mother-in-law. Just what lengths will Jessica go to in order to protect her family?

As yet no release date for the second DVD volume of Revelations has been set.

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