Final Ratings For Dallas’ First Late Night Episode On Channel 5

Dallas: The Ewing FamilyFinal ratings for the first late-night episode of Dallas to air on Channel 5 have been released.

Channel 5 decided to move Dallas from its tough 9pm slot on Tuesday evenings to 11pm, on the same evening, following the first two episodes of its second season. The broadcaster claimed its poor performance merited its removal from the 9pm slot however Channel 5 was only going by the overnight figures and not final consolidated ratings which are far more accurate.

Final ratings for the first two episodes of Dallas‘ second season put ratings significantly higher than overnight figures suggested and put the rebooted soap within the top ten programmes for both weeks on Channel 5 – beating Australian imports Home & Away and Neighbours.

Now final figures for the third episode, the first to air in the 11pm slot, have been released. While they are not as high as final figures for the first two episodes – which is to be expected – they are still significantly higher than the low original overnight rating given. According to BARB the third episode was seen by 920,000 viewers – just under 1 million viewers and not a huge drop from the 1.2 million who tuned in for episode two.

In terms of programmes that makes Dallas the 23rd most watched programme off the week on Channel 5 still beating some editions of Neighbours, Home and Away and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

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  • I am totally unsure about the whole channel 5 performance regarding Dallas. for a show to get nearly a million veiwers (11pm) – this shows that they should move it to 9pm. I spoke to several people who had no idea that Dallas was comming back (little advertising) and then people missed episode three because they did not realise that the show was now on at 11pm. You acted too soon and made a mess of it. Why not cause a bit of advertsing by moving it back to 9pm on a different evening