New Romance On The Cards For Neighbours Gay Character?

Neighbours-ChrisA new romance could be on the cards for Neighbours’ resident gay character Chris Pappas.

Viewers recently saw Chris (James Mason) break up with on/off boyfriend Aidan Foster (Bob Morley). The relationship between the two came to an end when Chris decided he needed to move on from Aidan after several stop/starts. While Neighbours bosses aren’t ruling out another return for Aidan at some point in the future at the moment it would appear a new romance is on the cards for Chris.

In a forthcoming storyline Chris and other Erinsborough locals take part in a charity camp-out. The event is organised by Scotty Boland’s (Rhys Uhlich) girlfriend Georgia to raise money for the local hospital. The charity camp-out leads Chris to suspect that Scott may have a romantic interest in him.

When Scotty pays Chris a visit in his text he is left surprised when the visitor says something flirty – leaving Chris wondering if Scott was making am move on him. Talking of the storyline actor James Mason said “There is definitely a serious side to this storyline because everyone thinks this guy Scotty is straight, including his girlfriend….However, there are some funny moments as well with Chris Milligan [as Kyle Canning] leading up to the big revelation, which were great to play.”

In February Neighbours executive producer Richard Jasek reassured fans that following the break-up of Chris and Aidan the mechanic would find a new romance. In an Neighbours-gaycoupleinterview the producer said “Chris will find himself in some interesting situations this year, and while it appears his friends’ circle has moved on, this is a character who is extremely warm and friendly and will never be on his own”

The character of Chris Pappas was introduced to Neighbours in 2010 by previous producer Susan Bower. Chris became the Australian soap’s first regular gay character in its history upon his introduction although the series had featured lesbian romances previously.

The latest storyline involving Chris will air next week on Eleven in Australia and from 4th April on Channel 5 in the UK.