London Bridge Set For Second DVD Release

London-Bridge1990’s Carlton produced soap opera London Bridge, starring Simone Labibib and Miranda Jones, is set to get a second DVD release.

A first DVD volume was released in 2011 comprising of the first 13 episodes. The action is set around the restaurant SE1 and the residents of the flats who lived above it. SE1 was originally owned by Nick Kemp (Oliver Haden) and his sister Isobel (Nicola King).

Amongst the residents of the flats above is Mary O’Connor (Simone Labibib) who, during the first set of episodes, was raped by her obsessed boss Tim (John Michie).  The second DVD release will continue the storylines as Nick and Mary become closer and Isobel develops a dependency on alcohol.

London Bridge started out as a late-night drama series before undergoing a revamp and format change becoming a soap opera. The Carlton produced series launched in 1996 and although it had an audience of several million it never quite captured the attention of the audience at large; though it was never networked across ITV.

In 1999 the series was cancelled in preparation for the merger between Granada and Carlton – who had slowly bought up all the ITV franchises. Shortly after Carlton had another stab at launching a soap; its revival of Crossroads which ran from 2001 to 2003.

A release date for the second volume of London Bridge has yet to be announced. Network DVD are also set to release a second volume of the Russell T. Davies soap opera Revelations later this year as well.