Taxi company offer Justin Bieber a cab

A London Cab/TaxiGetTaxi has today parked a black cab outside Justin Bieber’s hotel – and offered him a free lift to tonight’s concert to make sure he doesn’t leave his teenie-bopping fans crying in the auditorium by being late again.

The black cab, sent by the taxi-ordering app, pitched up outside central London’s five-star Langham Hotel with the engine running at 3pm today (Tue) – to make sure this time Justin gets to the gig on time.

Roy Manor, Managing Director of GetTaxi comments: “The taxi is waiting outside Justin’s hotel ready to take him to tonight’s concert. Justin, if you’re reading this; we’re ready when you are! We can guarantee if you travel with GetTaxi you’ll get to the gig on time!”

The pop idol let down thousands of disappointed fans last night when he turned up for his opening concert at London’s O2 Arena two hours late.

London's five-star Langham Hotel But thanks to the cabbie there’ll be no such hiccups tonight should the hyped up singer take the free ride. GetTaxi’s favourite cabbie Mark Williams, who knows London like the back of his hand, is ready to take the teen idol on the 35-minute journey from his hotel to the O2 Arena.

Star Justin was slammed for turning up to last night’s gig late, forcing hundreds of angry parents to leave with their children without even seeing their idol perform.

The 19-year-old today apologised to his fans via Twitter for keeping them waiting, but has insisted it was a 40-minute delay, rather than two hours.

“Darlings, I’d not have waited two minutes to hear this boy howl, let alone two hours,” says critic Queenie. “Of course professional performers are never late, and if ‘technical’ issues cause ‘a delay’ at least come out, apologise and talk to the audience. Give me David Cassedy any-day. Could the taxi not take him somewhere more befitting, a Soho club would be a nice idea, let the Wambam Burlesque girls show him how to put on a professional show.”

GetTaxi is available to download for free on Apple, Android and BlackBerry smartphones.