The Simpsons remain telly’s top family

Cartoon clan remain top of the viewer choice.

The British public have been voting for things they love about television, including the families they most love and which celebrity they’d most like to sit down and watch telly with ahead of new series Gogglebox which is to be narrated by Caroline Aherne.

 Nearly half of Britain’s who took part in the survey for Channel 4 say their favourite TV family is The Simpsons beating The Royle Family and The Dingles from Emmerdale. Brits love to talk about what they watched on telly with over half of people saying they discuss what they saw on TV with work colleagues the following day and the most common causes of arguments in front of the telly is the TV being too loud or too quiet and who is in charge of the remote control; and more than a third of households regularly argue about what programme to watch on the telly.

Reality TV causes the most arguments in households across Britain closely followed by comedy programmes and the news; and surprisingly men are more likely to argue about storylines in soaps than women and people in Britain would choose comfy clothes and a cup of tea over their partner as a top essential item needed for a night in front of the telly.

The British public would most like to watch television with daytime TV queen Holly Willoughby, Scottish comedian, Billy Connelly and actor and presenter James Corden. Nearly a quarter of men questioned chose Holly Willoughby as the celebrity they would most like to watch TV with whereas women’s favourite choice was one half of telly duo Declan Donnelly.

Top 10 favourite famous TV families:

1. The Simpsons (45%)

2. The Flinstones (29%)

3. The Royle Family (24%)

4. The Addams Family (23%)

5. The Gellers in Friends (18%)

6. The Griffins in Family Guy (16%)

7. The Banks in Fresh Prince of Bel Air (14%)

8. The Dingles in Emmerdale (13%)

9. The Osbournes (12%)

10. The Crawleys in Downton Abbey (11%)

Brits would most like to watch TV with the following celebrity:

1. Holly Willoughby

2. Billy Connelly

3. James Corden

4. Michael McIntyre

5. Declan Donnelly

6. Karl Pilkington

7. Ant McPartlin

8. Dermot O’Leary

9. Philip Schofield

10. Billie Piper

Brits would least like to watch TV with the following celebrity:

1. Janet Street-Porter 

2. Gordon Ramsay

3. Amy Childs

4. Bruce Forsyth

5. Louis Walsh

6. Sharon Osbourne

7. Barbara Windsor

8. Dean Gaffney

9. Eamon Holmes

10. Nick Grimshaw

Top essentials for a night in front of the TV:

1. Comfy clothes

2. Cup of tea or coffee (pictured, cup of tea)

3. Partner

4. Chocolate

5. Slippers

Gogglebox is a brand new entertainment factual series for Channel 4 which will see Britain’s most opinionated households comment freely on the biggest and best shows on television. Filmed over seven days from the comfort of their own sofas, these telly fanatics will be asked to critique and review popular and topical TV shows and the breaking news stories of the week. Produced within an extremely quick turnaround means only the most relevant and current TV shows will be the talking points of these living rooms in Britain.

Data from a survey of 2000 respondents conducted by research company on behalf of Channel 4. Using an on-line questionnaire, it is nationally representative of people aged 18 – 55+ living in Britain.