‘Police brutality’ at Sydney’s Mardi Gras

Australian-FlagA video has emerged of ‘police brutality’ at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras last weekend.

The footage shows 18 year old Jamie Jackson handcuffed and being thrown to the ground by a police officer who then stood on him to keep him down.

Speaking to Channel 9’s A Current Affair programme Jackson recalled what happened on the evening of his arrest. “I do remember the first slam to the ground and when I hit the ground I blanked out and then I started crying.”

He explained that prior to the incident he was approached by police who accused him of assault after they allegedly saw him ‘tickling a girl on her back’. Jackson said that he is not angry with the police, but described this ‘one act’ as ‘unbelievable’.

It is thought this was not a homophobic attack but the latest in a long line of ‘police brutality’ incidents across Australia in recent times.

New South Wales police force have launched an investigation into what happened. To see the full report from ACA, click here.