Youngers comedy drama for E4

e4E4 is to air a new comedy drama set in South London following a group of teenage friends.

Its’s GCSE results day and friends Yemi and Jay nervously make their way to find out what the future holds. Aspiring producer Yemi aces his results, but there’s no celebrating for Jay. Determined to swerve a career fixing boilers with his dad, MC Jay picks up a leaflet for Mic Star, a local music competition that could be his break into the urban music industry. But for these Youngers it’s never going to be that easy…

Created by Benjamin Kuffuor and Levi David Addai the show is described as ‘witty and original’ and has been penned by Levi David Addai with Benjamin Kuffuor, Mark Catley and Georgia Lester.

The comedy drama is set in South London follows a group of friends trying to negotiate their way through teenage life in a world that’s more about swagger than straight As.

The eight episode series starts later this month.

[Reported by Ian Westhead]