ATV Choice: Stella

Ruth Jones as StellaWonders never cease in Pontyberry in the penultimate episode of hit Sky 1 series Stella as unlucky-in-everything Alan becomes the local Casanova.

His previously untapped luck with the ladies comes in handy when his remortgage application gets rejected, teaming up with Aunty Brenda to raise funds for the rugby club. The pair arrange a charity match and even manage to bag former Welsh
international player Scott Quinnell to coach the locals.

Off the pitch, Rob and Stella try to rebuild their trust in one another, but the promising reunion is cut short by the surprise return of Sean, who has some eye-opening news. While Nadine and Karl plan to expand their family, Stella’s is bursting at the seams once Zoe moves in, with Lenny continuing to pester the brood. It all kicks off on game day as Emma’s pent-up anger with Sunil finally explodes, and Alan reveals the identity of Melissa’s ‘silent business partner’.

Stella, Friday the 8th March at 9pm on Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD