Justin Bieber ends week at O2 Arena

A London Cab/TaxiTeen pop idol Justin Bieber has ended his turbulent week in London with his final concert at the O2 Arena.

His week long visit to the capital has been marred by a number complications ranging from ‘technical issues’ to ‘health issues’. On Monday, he arrived late on stage and was subject to a chorus of boos as many parents were angry that the concert finished well after the advertised time on a school night.

The late arrival of Bieber was said to be due to ‘technical issues’, however some unconfirmed reports say he was acting as a ‘diva’. Making up for the late arrival, the next night seen him appear on stage two minutes early.

On Thursday, Bieber walked off stage after began to suffer ‘breathing difficulties’. He later continued with the show but then was taken to hospital for a check-up. He was well enough to pose in a hospital gown for Twitter, prompting some to claim if it was all a publicity stunt to make up for Monday’s incident.

Friday afternoon seen him launch himself at a photographer for no apparent reason. Video from the altercation which took place on Park Lane in London shows Bieber hiding behind bodyguards shouting abuse at the photographer.

He ended his week with his final concert at the O2 on Friday evening.