Comic Relief raise £75m in historic night

Simon Cowell ‘marries’ himself and Jessie J has her hair cut off all in aid for Red Nose Day 2013.

Red Nose Day 2013

Comedian Russell Brand announced in the early hours that the fundraiser had so far reached £75,107,851 in donations. You can still donate by visiting the Red Nose Day website by clicking here.

There was a special One Born Every Minute meeting Call The Midwife and David Walliams calling round at his celebrity friends and ‘exs’ home. Walliams also featured in the Simon Cowell sketch, in which the music mogul married himself.

A special Vicar of Dibley Geraldine heading to London on a mission with Hugo (James Fleet) and Owen (Roger Lloyd-Pack), bumping into Homeland star Damian Lewis on the way. The Vicar of Dibley ran from 1994 until 2007, where the episode on New Year’s Day attracted a whopping 12.8 million viewers.

Ricky Gervais appeared as David Brent, ten years since we last seen him at the Office Christmas party. The Office special seen Brent trying to launch the career of a ‘urban act’ from London.


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  • Maybe David Beckham should match that, he can afford it. And Cameron and his making the rich richer and poor poorer could fork in a bit instead of just getting the publicity!