Coronation Street: Fire rages in Rovers Return

ITV has released pictures of the fire which rips through the Rovers Return on Coronation Street next week.

With many of the residents at the Bistro for the Full Monty night, Stella is at the Rovers taking a bath – trying to relax following her earlier confrontation with with Sunita. In the cellar, a fire takes hold and quickly spreads across the pub.

Corrie Fire 1

Norris alerts the residents during the strip that there is a serious fire raging at the Rovers. As they head out, Paul tries to keep everyone back but Karl sneaks round the back after spotting a desperate Stella pleading for help.

Corrie Stella Fire

Firefighters struggle with the blaze as they try to get Stella, Sunita and Karl out of the building – just as a huge explosion occurs will spell the end for one of them.

Corrie Fire 2

Coronation Street airs next week on ITV, UTV and STV, check local listings.