What’s in store down at Hollyoaks?

Gillian Taylforth, CBBChannel 4 have provided a little taster of what’s to come in hit teen saga, Hollyoaks.

The broadcaster has revealed that Will’s manipulation of Texas continues in the build up to their wedding, but with a pining Dodger lying in wait to win Texas back and femme-fatal, Theresa McQueen stalking from the side-lines, will anyone live happily ever after?

The McQueens go into melt-down when Dr. Browning returns from Vegas and drops the bombshell that Mercedes has gone missing. Super-bitch Clare Devine returns in her place, does she know where Mercy is? Jacqui decides to lead the search for the missing McQueen and gets herself in serious danger in the process.

Elsewhere, the perfect life is wearing Nancy down as she becomes more reliant on pain-killers behind husband, Darren’s back. Sienna offers her support, but is she after more than just friendship from the Osborne family?After a teenage-like dalliance, Tony and Diane are faced with the consequences of their actions, while new-boy Robbie Roscoe leads the way for a family of boys to descend on Hollyoaks, headed by Gillian Taylforth as mother, Sandy.

Former EastEnders actress Gillian Taylforth joins the saga following a popular appearance on Channel 5’s Big Brother.

Hollyoaks, weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4