Once Upon a Time performs well in weekend ratings

Once Upon A TimeAmerican fantasy-drama television Once Upon a Time continues to rate well on ABC making the top ten in the Sunday night list of prime time ratings.

The series, set in the fictional seaside town of Storybrooke, Maine, pulled in a decent 7.38 million viewers in the 8pm hour with a repeat on FOX of The Simpsons pulling in 3.69 million viewers. The winner in the hour was CBS’s long running current affairs series 60 Minutes.

Elsewhere on the night an overrunning Basketball match pulled in 11.24 million viewers during the 7pm hour for CBS, despite this over on ABC American’s Funniest Home Videos gave Once Upon a Time a good ratings lead-in with 6.81 tuning on. Similar ratings were achieved for NBC with 6.11 million watching their Dateline NBC factual documentary strand.

Later in the night FOX’s Family guy pulled in 5.16 million, while at the same time Amazing Race on CBS drew 9.33 million. At 10pm The Good Wife pulled in 9.59 million and at 10.30pm The Mentalist managed 8 million in the ratings.

[Reported by Dominic Knight]