Mount Pleasant for EastEnders’ Harman and Womack

EastEnders - Ronnie BranningFormer EastEnders actors Nigel Harman and Samantha Womack have joined the cast of Mount Pleasant. The series returns to the Sky Living later this year.

In the new series we are introduced to Tanya (Womack) and Bradley (Harman), a sexy thirty-something couple, who move to Mount Pleasant bringing with them some ‘Down South’ mystique and glamour guaranteed to entertain, intrigue and set tongues wagging amongst the residents of The Close.

Their teenage daughter Ella (Nicola Millbank) completes this fun-loving outwardly perfect family, blessed with good looks, style and joie de vivre.

On joining the cast Nigel Harman commented: “Bradley’s a great character, a real wide boy whose clearly got something to hide. He and Tanya are definitely going to stir things up in Mount Pleasant but whether that’s for the better or worse you’ll have to wait and see”

Bradley’s wheeler dealer ways and Tanya’s boundless self-confidence make sure that the pair are quick to settle in and it’s not long before they’ve invited the neighbours round for a house party. Its tequila shots and popping Cava corks all round! Everyone’s enjoying themselves, especially Gary (George Sampson), who’s instantly taken with Ella. Teenage crushes abound!

Suffice to say we’ll soon find out just what makes Tanya tick and what lies behind Bradley’s bravado. Clearly there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye and their arrival in Mount Pleasant will keep the neighbours – and viewers – guessing.

Samantha Womack added: “I’m thrilled to be joining the cast of Mount Pleasant, such a popular and well-loved series. I can’t wait to get stuck in to playing the part of Tanya who is sure to create some waves in The Close.”

Mount Pleasant series three is currently in production.

[Reported by Mike Watkins]