ATV Choice: Revolution

Revolution-logoThe epic action series from Eric Kripke and JJ Abrams, which launched in the UK at the end of March, continues on Sky 1 with this, episode three, of series one. Set in a world without power, Revolution charts a family’s mission to reunite in dangerous times.

As we reported in December the hit USA series was coming to Sky 1 and with it arrives stateside success. The adventure drama became the most successful scripted launch in over three years when it premiered in American last year with a total of 13.3m viewers.

The setting is a post-apocalyptic landscape devoid of electricity, where all technology has blacked out forever, the Matheson family struggles to reunite as it battles local militias in empty cities.When orphaned teenagers Charlie  – actress Tracy Spiridakos – and Danny  – actor Graham Rogers – are separated when following Danny being kidnapped by militia leaders, strong-willed Charlie must reconnect with their estranged uncle Miles, played by Billy Burke, a former marine living a reclusive life, if there’s any hope of being reunited with her brother.

Together, with a rogue band of survivors, Charlie and Miles set out to rescue Danny and overthrow the militia, while exploring the mystery of why the power failed and if it will ever return.

RevolutionIn this third instalment, rebel fighter Nora leads Miles and Charlie to a rebel camp in an old fast food restaurant. There, Charlie is shocked to find many of the group are injured having walked into a Militia trap. With one man missing, Miles urges the rebels
to move on to a new location, but his advice is too late and they soon come under an attack led by a Monroe Republic Commander.

Taking charge, Miles plans the rebels’ escape before taking the commander hostage, who shocks Charlie when he reveals the truth about Miles’s history – not only was he a Commanding General of the Militia, he was a founding father of the Republic, second only to Monroe himself.

Elsewhere, Aaron and Maggie’s search for the mysterious Grace leads them to her abandoned house where they discover her homemade computer. But Aaron soon grows frustrated when he fails to unravel the secret of the pendant Ben gave him before he was killed.

Revolution , tonight, (Friday 5th April) at 9pm on Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD