‘The Revolution’ team back with new special for BBC Three

Revolution Presents: Democracy Dealers will delve into the weird and wonderful world of MPs.

The satirical comedy is put together by the team behind The Revolution Will Be Televised and will feature Conservative MP James Twottington-Burbage and Liberal Democrat MP Barnaby Plankton following their recent appointment as Ministers for Youth.

“We are getting deeper into the lives of a number of very different political creatures.” – Jolyon Rubinstein, Co-Creator

The fictional Members of Parliament have previously featured in The Revolution Will Be Televised. Labour, UKIP and the Green Party will all be ‘represented’ in the one-off special to be screened on BBC Three

“In this mock doc, our characters alienate as many young people as politically possible in the space of half an hour by smuggling struggling immigrants into the UK and launching a massive #SCREWYOUTH campaign. We’re excited for people to see not only the new stunts we have pulled off, but to take these characters into a more narrative-based satire.” – Heydon Prowse, Co – Creator