Quadruple eviction for Big Brother: Timebomb, new housemates to enter

Big Brother - Channel 5 - 2015

Tomorrow’s Big Brother: Timebomb will feature a quadruple eviction with the house being replenished by four new faces.

The twist was announced by Rylan Clark on last night’s (27 May) Bit On The Side, while Sky’s EPG notes of tomorrow’s live edition:

“Join Emma Willis for a shocking twist as four Housemates will be evicted and four new Housemates (including a familiar face) will replace them in the biggest Timebomb ever.”

The term ‘familiar face’ may refer to an ex-housemate from a previous series or could mean bosses are planning to reintroduce Simon Gross who made an impromptu exit from the series on launch night.

Facing eviction are Chloe, Danny, Harriet, Kieran, Sarah and Amy and Sally after show creatives tinkered with the nominations – opting for a wholesale swap between those who were nominated and those who weren’t. Jack also faced this week’s eviction but chose to save himself using one of his immunity passes.

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Some fans are speculating that the quadruple eviction has been cooked up to increase the show’s ratings which have fallen to a record low, with many editions coming in below 1 million viewers.

Big Brother: Timebomb continues tonight at 10.00pm on Channel 5

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