Matlock Police tackle more crime on DVD

Matlock Police

The fifth DVD volume of the award winning Australian series Matlock Police has just gone on sale in the UK, and we find that the non-stop crime spree continues for the country coppers.

Interstate criminals blow in to town and unleash a bombardment of threats which ultimately result in a series of vicious bashings and kidnappings. An off-the-planet religious sect causes mayhem and an unhinged killer is on the run. An innocent child is abducted and escapes only to get lost in the bush, and a protection racket involving violent stand over merchants needs to be nipped in the bud. Cattle duffers are trading in stolen livestock, and a security guard is killed during a robbery – could a mentally retarded youth help to apprehend those responsible?

Meanwhile a fifteen year old girl makes unwelcome advances towards Detective Sergeant Vic Maddern (Michael Pate) and later claims that he has got her in the family way, could this be the end of his career? Will Constable Gary Hogan (Paul Cronin) and the rest of the squad be able to save Vic from a very sticky situation indeed?

Michael Pate (left) and Tom Richards in Matlock Police.

A suspicious death occurs at a remote mining camp, and a gang of callous thieves begin to target overhead power lines. Two sickening extortionists threaten to blown Matlock to kingdom come with dynamite, a suicidal girl is being abused by her stepfather, and the detectives head to the ski slopes where an instructor is feared to have been murdered.

Detective Steve York (played by Tom Richards) is in strife and is accused of being embroiled in a robbery. His woes don’t stop there, an escaped convict vows to do for the man who put him in prison – that man was Steve.

Tom Richards went on to star as David Palmer in Sons & Daughters; he played the shifty Mud Roberts in Home & Away and has also appeared in hits such as The Box, Chopper Squad, Case for the Defence and The Young Doctors. He particularly enjoyed his time working on Matlock Police and says,

“I liked filming out in the country areas surrounding Melbourne, every Friday we would have a barbeque and the camaraderie between the cast and crew was brilliant.

“Peter Gwynne (who played Detective Sergeant Jack Maloney) was wonderful; he always had a story to tell. Some days we would walk from the make-up van to the set and he’d put his arm around me and tell me these yarns. I learnt a lot from Michael Pate and Vic Gordon (who played Sergeant Bert Kennedy) about acting and timing. It was a wonderful part of my life and one I fondly think of. Sadly Peter, Michael and Vic have all passed away but the memories live on.”

Tom has recently directed a couple of sell-out plays at the Short + Sweet Festival in Sydney which have received critical acclaim. His next production will be Ken Ludwig’s play Moon Over Buffalo which follows two fading stars from the 1950s who have been reduced to working for a repertory theatre company, their marriage is on the rocks but could they have one last shot at stardom? Tom will be directing this brilliant piece of work at the Arts Theatre Cronulla (in Sydney, Australia) from 6 May until 11 June. You can book your tickets by heading to the Arts Theatre Cronulla website.

Matlock Police Steve York (played by Tom Richards) has a rotten crim in his sights.

Tom’s fans will be pleased to know that he can be seen in several other recent Crawford DVD releases. As well as Matlock Police volumes 4 and 5, he can be seen in The Sullivans volume 4, Bluey, The Flying Doctors, Homicide volume 14, and volumes 7 and 8 of Division 4.

Matlock Police Volume 5 features a sparkling line-up of your favourite stars including Lew Luton from ATV’s soap opera Crossroads; Ray Meagher from Home & Away; David Phillips from Bellbird; Brian Wenzel from A Country Practice; Anne Charleston and Ian Smith from Neighbours; Anne Phelan, Julia Blake, Elspeth Ballantyne and Sheila Florance from Prisoner: Cell Block H; and Vikki Hammond from The Sullivans.

You can also enjoy performances by Rowena Wallace and Belinda Giblin from Sons & Daughters; Brian Moll and Joanne Samuel from The Young Doctors; and Maurie Fields, Val Jellay, Terry Gill and Marie Redshaw from The Flying Doctors.

Matlock Police Volume 5 and a host of other magnificent Australian television classics can be ordered in the UK exclusively from Eaton Films. Those of you who are based in Australia can order your copies from Crawford DVD.

The cast of Matlock Police. From left are Tom Richards, Paul Cronin, Vic Gordon and Michael Pate.

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Pictured top: Matlock Police logo (recreation), then: Michael Pate (left) and Tom Richards in Matlock Police, followed by: Steve York (played by Tom Richards) has a rotten crim in his sights and pictured bottom: The cast of Matlock Police. From left are Tom Richards, Paul Cronin, Vic Gordon and Michael Pate.