Tim Roth and Christina Hendricks to star in revenge thriller Tin Star

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Sky Atlantic is to screen Rowan Joffe’s ten part contemporary Tin Star. Tim Roth and Emmy nominated Christina Hendricks  will head up the cast of what is described as a revenge thriller.

“Revenge, grief, love and betrayal, Tin Star is an emotionally charged, fast-paced thriller packed with fascinating characters: characters whose very real and very dark inner lives, take this beyond a simple whodunit. Combined with the visually arresting locations of the Canadian Rockies, the highly charged, visceral nature of Rowan’s storytelling packs a genuine punch, and to have actors as irresistible and accomplished as Tim Roth and Christina Hendricks to bring it all to life is just beyond exciting.” – Alison Jackson, executive producer, Kudos

The tale of the corruption of innocence; of murder, of grief and of all consuming revenge – set against the backdrop of a remote and beautiful mountain town.

Tin Star tells the story of Jim Worth, an ex-Metropolitan police detective who has moved with his family to the Rocky Mountains to start a new life as a local police chief in an idyllic rural community. When his small town is overrun by migrant workers from a massive new oil refinery – the wave of drugs, prostitution and organised crime that follows them threatens to sweep away everything in its wake.

When Jim makes a stand, his act appears to prompt mysterious assassins to unleash sudden and violent retribution on Jim and his family; the resulting tragedy irrevocably shattering the peace they had found in this once perfect mountain idyll and transforming their remote sanctuary into a hellish and inescapable prison. Who was behind the attack? Did the oil company- fronted by urbane corporate liaison, Mrs Bradshaw (Christina Hendricks) – hire the assassins to thwart Jim’s discovery of a shocking cover-up? Or is the police chief’s violent, alcoholic past as an undercover cop finally catching up with him?

Devastated by the harrowing acts of brutality enacted on his family, a voice from Jim’s past returns – his long-suppressed, booze and drug addicted alter-ego Jack Devlin. Taunting the police chief’s every waking moment, Devlin, the poisonous voice in Jim’s head, speaks only of violent and bloody revenge.

Fuelled by guilt, fear and shame, Jim’s resolve to keep the darkest part of himself hidden from the world weakens; finally succumbing, Worth releases Devlin, an internal rage made manifest. And in so doing, the devil inside goes on to consume Jim almost completely, becoming an even greater threat to the family and the town, than the assassins themselves.

“Observing Rowan create this essential and visionary show has been a real privilege; it is no surprise that his highly original scripts and story have secured such an acclaimed cast. These elements coupled with the brilliant team at Kudos, and shooting in such an incredible location, will unquestionably deliver a show that is rich in visuals and emotion. Tin Star will be an absolute highlight for the Atlantic viewer in the next year.” – Cameron Roach, commissioning editor, Sky

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