ITV announce EU Referendum programming

Julie Etchingham

In the run up to the referendum on June 23rd 2016, ITV have today revealed their programming and coverage plans.

ITV’s coverage will feature major peak-time debate programming moderated by Julie Etchingham, an overnight results programme presented by Tom Bradby, current affairs analysis and interviews by Robert Peston and extensive news coverage across ITV’s national and regional news programmes on air and on the ITV News website. ITV’s regular current affairs strand Tonight will broadcast a two-part special starting on April 21st, in which ITV’s Political Editor Robert Peston analyses the arguments for and against remaining in the EU.

In the first of the Tonight two-part specials, Peston asks whether Brexit really will result in a medium term drop in prosperity as some predict, and examines if that is a price we would be prepared to pay for increased control over our laws and our borders? He also travels to Switzerland to see if we could embrace the Swiss experience of life on the outside of the EU. The second programme, airing on April 28th, sees Peston investigates how leaving or staying could impact security at home and how the vote could affect immigration in future. What does controlling our borders mean in a post-Brexit world and what price are we prepared to pay for this privilege?

Tom Bradby - ITV

In addition to Tonight, ITV current affairs programmes, The Agenda with Tom Bradby, and the forthcoming Peston on Sunday, will provide forums for continued coverage of issues surrounding the EU referendum debate. A key part of the network’s coverage in the run up to the referendum, will see ITV produce and broadcast major peak-time debate programming presented by Julie Etchingham, who successfully moderated the ITV Leaders’ Debate during the General Election campaign last year.

ITV News extensive EU referendum coverage over the coming months will draw on our expert team of journalists, led by Political Editor Robert Peston, National Editor Allegra Stratton, Europe Editor James Mates and Social Affairs Editor Penny Marshall, bringing ITV viewers accurate, balanced and engaging coverage, examining key issues affecting viewers around the UK.

Good Morning Britain - Piers and Susanna

Good Morning Britain’s coverage of the EU referendum will be insightful and relevant featuring debate, discussion and analysis with the best pundits and opinion formers around including a high-profile couple who are household names but with opposing views on Brexit. Led by experienced journalists and presenters Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan, the team will analyse the various factors helping floating voters decide, as well as informing viewers how this historic vote will affect their lives.

On the night of 23rd to 24th June, ITV News will be on-air through the night covering the results as they come in, with an overnight programme anchored by Tom Bradby. On June the 24th, Good Morning Britain will be on air as viewers wake up to the result, and an ITV News special presented by Alastair Stewart will follow, analysing the result and what it means for the future of the UK.

Alastair Stewart

Pictured Top Julie Etchingham, ©ITN, next: Tom Braby, ©ITV Studios, then: Peirs Morgan and Susanna Reid, ©ITV Breakfast and finally: Alastair Stewart, ©ITN.