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Rylan Up Late - Channel 5

From the heart of London’s West End, Channel 5 is unleashing Rylan Clark-Neal for late night fun and frivolity in Up Late With Rylan, airing throughout May. Here Rylan looks ahead to the production.

Filmed on the evening of transmission from The Hospital Club in Central London this exciting fast- turnaround show is truly topical and means Rylan and his guests can cover the very latest news, and gossip. An inclusive, hilarious and mischievous nightly treat, there will be engaging items around each well-known guest star and Rylan will be joined by a variety of music acts during the series.

!It’s a late night entertainment show which is a hybrid of all sorts of different influences. It’s a lively mix of chat, entertainment and games; it’s been inspired by all of my favourite parts of all of my favourite shows… Growing up, I’ve always loved watching things like Chatty Man and Graham Norton, and I’ve always liked the way they have a lovely time chatting to their guests. I love Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway as well, and that idea of giving something back to the audience. And I love the silly games of Celebrity Juice. We’ve come up with all our own brand new ideas for Up Late, but that gives you an idea.”

Rylan is best known for hosting Big Brother’s Bit on the Side for Channel 5 and This Morning for ITV having become famous via appearing on reality shows including The X Factor in 2012. He hopes to give his own series a touch of his own unique style.

“It’s a hybrid of all the shows I’ve been on, but we’ve given it the Rylan touch, and put it into one show… [I bring to the show] a big set of teeth! And I bring the viewer to it. What I mean by that is, I’m a viewer myself. So I represent you, at home, asking the questions that you want to ask. I’m just normal. I’m not a TVhost like that. I just enjoy it, and I want people to feel they’re having a night out with me. Guests will come on the show to promote their single or their book, but I’m not going to be one of them, ‘Ooh, tell me about your boring book’, I’m going to be more, ‘I loved your book, I loved the bit where you fell over and your tits fell out’. Nobody will be sat at home going, ‘Why isn’t he asking about that?’. I’ll ask anything.


We’re going to do a lot of audience interaction. If you want to be part of the show, you just have to ask. It’s the people’s show. It’s not just Up Late With Rylan, it’s up late with everyone. There’s going to be one slot where we find someone who works really hard, and we’re going to give them a day off, and I’m going to go and do their job for a day. We’ll do another one where we go out and find someone a boyfriend or a girlfriend on social media.


And there’s another one, I can’t go into detail, but it brings a whole new meaning to, ‘bring your old’. One woman’s rubbish is another woman’s treasure: we’ll leave it at that. And one I’m really looking forward to is Throwback Thursdays. I’m bringing them all back! If you grew up with them, I’m bringing them back. It’s a bit, ‘Where are they now?’, but ten times bigger. We’ll be looking at the TV shows you loved, the pop stars you loved.

Channel 5 aka five

Up Late with Rylan will air from early May. Its a return to late night entertainment not seen on the channel since the days of The Jack Docherty Show, the nightly comedy chat show which aired between 1997 and 1999. The new venture into ‘almost live’ late night entertainment has been in the Channel 5 pipeline for quite some time the host says.

“It’s been a long time coming, we’ve been talking about it for a while. But I didn’t want to run before I could walk. Working at Big Brother and This Morning has been the best training, and now I feel really pepped up and it’s the right time… I looked at the success of The Late Late Show in America, and we haven’t got that sort of thing here that you can just watch if you’re a bit of a night owl, or you’ve just got in from a night out. At that time of night, all we’ve got in the UK is just repeats or news based shows, no entertainment. I’m always searching for something to watch at that time of night. So this is going to be a late night destination. Just like This Morning is a staple of your morning, this is going to be a staple of your late night. It’s something that’s not been done for about 20 years.”

Live and ‘as live’ programming was pretty much how television was produced up until the 1980s. Up Late is taking the as live format, last used in the late night market by LWT’s The James Whale Show, making it different from other slicker formats.

“It’s recorded just a few hours beforehand, and it’s recorded ‘as live’. Other shows of this type are all recorded over a few hours, and then edited down. Ours has no edit… Most shows just edit down to all the best bits and they’re all slick, but ours, if something goes wrong, you’ll see it”

While Graham Norton and Alan Carr offer their guests a drink, Channel 5 have decided for Rylan’s series to increase the hospitality offering.

“We’re not going to be having a glass of wine. We’re not going to have a drinks cabinet. We’re going to have a fully fledged bar. We’ll be having guest barmaids every week. We’re coming from the heart of London, The Hospital Club, and it will be buzzing. The studio is amazing, out of this world.”

Rylan says his dream guests would be all five Spice Girls all on the same sofa, and he hasn’t ruled out doing a ‘Des O’Connor’ and singing with a guest.

Up Late With Rylan, Monday to Thursday at 11pm from 9th May on Channel 5

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