PETA urge Katie Hopkins to shove a vegan sausage up her rear

CBB - Katie Hopkins

PETA send Katie Hopkins a selection of vegan sausages to shove up her bottom.

After Katie Hopkins vowed to run naked through London with a sausage inserted in her backside if Labour MP Sadiq Khan becomes mayor of London, animal rights group PETA sent the columnist a selection of vegan sausages and a note urging her to leave animals out of her shenanigans.

“With the growing popularity of plant-based foods, there is no reason to put anything other than vegan food in your body. Virtually none of the intelligent, sensitive pigs raised for meat will ever do anything that makes their lives worth living, let alone enjoyable. At the very least, Katie Hopkins should spare them the final indignity of being inserted where the sun doesn’t shine.” – PETA Director Mimi Bekhechi.

In the note to Hopkins, PETA points out that unlike animal-based meals, vegan foods are free from cholesterol and saturated animal fat, making them more digestible than meat – or any of her ridiculous stunts.

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