Secrets to be revealed in Coronation Street

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Coronation Street bosses have teased a dramatic week of episodes which will air on ITV later this month – with the action centring around the uncovering of some secrets.

Carla Connor is heading towards her wedding to Nick Tilsley, while desperately trying to stop Tracy Barlow from spilling the beans about her ill-judged one night stand with Robert. And over at number 8 the Platt family are still hiding the grisly secret of Callum Logan’s body being buried under the floor of Gail’s granny flat.


Now their past actions look set to catch up with them all as Callum’s corpse is finally unearthed and Tracy does her best to ruin Carla’s dream wedding. The unmissable episodes will run over five days but will cover a dramatic 24-hour period in the lives of Weatherfield’s residents. – ITV

The week starts with the whole street preparing for the wedding of Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) and Carla Connor (Alison King) which in true soap style is packed with shocks and surprises. The stakes could not be higher for Carla. With Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) determined to throw a spanner in the works, it’s down to Johnny (Richard Hawley) to allay the threat she poses to his daughter’s big day – which he does by locking Tracy in a cupboard at the factory.

Has Johnny done enough to stop Tracy spilling the beans about Carla’s one night stand with Robert (Tristan Gemmill)? And if he has will Carla’s big day otherwise go according to plan? Earlier this year, it was announced that Alison King is bowing out from the saga after ten years in the role of Carla, but will Carla drive off happily into the sunset with Tracy glad to see the back of her, or does her arch nemesis have other plans?

Elsewhere, the past is set to haunt the Platt family when Callum Logan’s (Sean Ward) body is found. Bad boy Callum (Sean Ward) met an unexpectedly gruesome end in Coronation Street’s live episode.

Reminiscent of those halcyon days of mid-1990s Brookside, the Channel 4 soap that gave us the infamous body under the patio, drug dealer Callum had been unleashing a reign of terror towards the Platt family when finally, as he gave Sarah Louise (Tina O’Brien) a good slapping, he met the soap opera grim reaper as Kylie (Paula Lane) accidentally killed her former lover when she brutally thumped him on the head to end his attack on her sister-in-law. It’s always handy to have a wrench in the sitting room of your soap home…

His body was later stuffed down a manhole in what was to be Gail’s ‘granny flat’ but what consequences will befall Sarah, Kylie and David (Jack P. Shepherd) when a dramatic sequence of events leads to it being discovered?

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The episodes will transmit on ITV, STV and UTV later this month.