Game of Thrones’ John Bradley and comedian Seann Walsh to star in new film ‘Roger’


A far cry from the multi-million dollar sets of Game of Thrones, actor John Bradley along with comedian Seann Walsh are going back to their roots to star in a Kickstarter funded, short film comedy called Roger.

Shot over two days on the streets of London, the film follows Stephen (Seann Walsh) a regular guy who arrives home after six months away to discover his best friend Roy (John Bradley) has replaced him with a ventriloquist’s doll called Roger.

“The script was really funny and my character jumped off the page. While it’s great to be involved with big budget productions, it’s also important to get involved in grass roots filmmaking.  Those are the guys producing tomorrow’s blockbusters, so I was happy to support the production.” – John Bradley, best known for his role as Samwell Tarly in Game of Thrones.

The film was written and directed by award winning Director Brendan Cleaves along with award winning co-writer Stuart Foreman. It was a self-funded production and with the help of fans and movie buffs, a Kickstarter campaign will see it premiere at Film Festivals later this year.

Fans can view and support the Kickstarter campaign here. Backers can receive numerous rewards including on-screen associate producer credits, signed scripts and VIP tickets to the London screening.

“We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs shooting the film. It’s not everyday you get to play a supporting role to a plastic doll, so hopefully it gets to see the light of day.” – comedian Seann Walsh.

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