Eamonn Holmes to host panel show ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’ for Channel 5

Channel 5 aka five

Channel 5 has announced that Kelly Brook and Vicky Pattison will head up the two teams of celebrities on the new entertainment show ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’ hosted by Sky News host Eamonn Holmes.

“If you are in a relationship, single, or just nosey about who’s dating who, this show is for you. Whether you are young or old you’ll have something to contribute or learn from our celebrity panellists and games. And if you still can’t get your head around it then It’s not me – It’s You!” – Eamonn Holmes

Each week, two teams of celebrities and comedians headed up by Kelly and Vicky go head-to-head over a series of fun games and cheeky challenges. The tone is inclusive, warm and celebratory: from drunken chat-up lines, to the ins and outs of celeb couples, to what happens when the honeymoon period is well and truly over, join us as we celebrate what it’s like to be in, out and looking for love.

“It’s Not Me, It’s You is certainly going to get people talking.  It’s a fun opportunity to share my own life experiences and anecdotes whilst going head to head with Vicky who I’m a big fan of.  Eamonn is definitely going to have his hands full! I can’t wait!”  – Kelly Brook

The series features two teams of three panellists, including Kelly and Vicky as regular team captains, with well-known guests sourced from the twin worlds of comedy and entertainment. Eamonn Holmes will be hosting his first ever panel show, delivering his uniquely witty take and navigating the teams through the show.

“I cannot wait to join Eamonn and Kelly on the show and get involved in revealing the nation’s dirty dating secrets and offering my little pearls of wisdom. It’s a dream come true to be a panel captain on a show like this and especially next to the legend that is Eamonn Holmes, who to me is like the godfather of telly. Kelly and I will have a ball.” – Vicky Pattison

It’s Not Me, It’s You will being its series on Channel 5 in June with eight episodes across the first series.